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    • Customer service 9
    • People selling were nice 4
    • Idea of receiving a free trip 3
  • Customers don't like
    • Could not get a hold of my representative 2
    • Misinforming practices 2
    • Must use by date 2

Awful representative and racist saleswoman, Svetlana. We told them up front we were not buying. And stated many times. Fine, said the rep, most people don't buy. She complained about "colored" people several times during our pitch, which was awful. By the end of sales pitch, we were personally insulted by Svetlana the sales rep in front of the check in desk staff. She threw our paperwork at... Read more

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I have traveled with Casablanca several times to Las Vegas and once to Orlando and as a result I recommended Casablanca to a friend who was planning to go to Las Vegas. He later told me he had researched Casablanca and read they were a fraud and a scam referencing this site. I am posting on this site to say I have traveled with Casablanca several times and I would recommend their services to... Read more

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I don't know how this place has four stars on Yelp. Every review you see with the word "scam" is absolutely true. I plan to also post this review, or rather, WARNING, on websites like TripAdvisor and Ripoff Report to others that may be on the *** of getting tricked into the same timeshare presentation that we did. Welks Resort promised us a trip to 3-day, 2-night trip to Hawaii for attending... Read more

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I have done business with casablanca in the pass and it was great. I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews. I went to vegas last year and was given a 2 bedroom suite. It wasn't on the strip, actually not even walking distance but the hotel was amazing. Now I am planning my next vacation with them to cancun and look forward to a great time again. People need to stop complaining and... Read more

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I was about to register my trip but after reading the reviews I am frighten! Scary to know that people have lost so much money for something that was suppose to be an easy enough process. Even after reading the reviews I thought why not call Casablanca before I pay just to hear the terms in conditions from the direct source. Well I been on hold going on two hours. I forgot I was on hold and my... Read more

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I recently had an unfortunate opportunity to deal with the company, Casablanca Express of Las Vegas. On the first of October, I handed over a credit card payment of $150 in exchange for a promised two night stay in downtown Las Vegas. Life happens, however. I found out I was pregnant and will not be able to travel any time soon due to my pregnancy, nor will I be able to travel in the coming year... Read more

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Recieved a letter from Casablanca express that said i had a credit that will expire January 26, 2016. The person i spoke to said that i could take a free trip to Vegas in the next 12 months. He said i would need to put down a deposit to guarantee that we would travel in the next 12 months, when i ask him just to refund the credit i have he stated, "we can not do that, it is only for travel".... Read more

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Now that I've taken my trip I want to let my experience be known. I had Googled this company, too, to make sure I knew what I was getting into and found mixed reviews. Initially we paid the refundable $100 to get the ball rolling. Then we paid the $400 for taxes etc. (this was for two people.) Then we decided to upgrade for an extra $270. It was expensive but a lot less than we would have paid... Read more

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I got a "free" cruise after participating in Casablanca's timeshare session, I was supposed to pay taxes only and get full refund of my deposit and any other charges. The original package included a 4 day cruise and a roundtrip flight from the SF bay area to LA. A couple of months before the departure we've got a call from Casablanca rep that offered us an upgrade to an ocean view cabin in... Read more

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I received a "free" trip to Vegas but when I went to sign up I was informed the certificate number isn't even valid. What a waste of time. And based on the other reviews I'm kind of glad I didn't go. Add comment

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