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We had such a good time. Everything was easy and was easy to fine and do. Thanks so much my kids had a wonderful time!!!!

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Thank you. Timely response & service. Responded to a free 4 night cruise to Baja, Mexico. They offered tow cruise lines: Princess or Carnival. I preferred Princess. I chose cruise dates, booked and prepared to go. My travel agent, Beth presented every option, prices, pro & ***. Cabin, view, meal time... Just what I needed to make choices. Today, I had to cancel. Just called Beth's direct extension line; within a minute, she understood and... Read more

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Hello i called to request my 3 nights in vegas and Dustin helped me and was very nice and helpful. Thank you Dedrea Daniels

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Got a 2 free tickets tomhawaii from casablanca, 20days before we get rhe ticket they told us the flight will be 12hour each way from hawaio to san francisco. What a bigtime scam! Avoid this company and this company should be closed bu the govt for fraud.

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Stay away from this absolute scam of an operation. Was sold a package a couple years ago that was supposed to be 3 nights in a choice of locations in luxury accomodations and as a bonus 3 nights at a second location for the sum of around $150. I chose Vegas but didn't have time to get it scheduled during the period that it was valid so they called me and for another $100 I was able to extend the offer and was told I would get this this 2nd $100... Read more

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First they mentioned , that when I got to the resort , that one night of resort fee's would be taken off, When I got my gift packet in the mail, I called and said the resort fee waived was not on the packet. zero response to that. We did the presentation, not all bad, Got our $100 free slot play, that turned out worthless, we had to first play a machine first that would give us a chance to qualify for the promotional slot play money. Of course... Read more

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Sat through a 3-hour timeshare to get this "certificate" from Casablanca Express (CE) on 6/17. Mailed certified receipt on 6/19. USPS shows CE picked it up on 6/20. Waited 90 DAYS with no contact or mailing from CE. Called on 9/21 to find out, according to the Customer Service agent, that "no certificate was ever received or registered under that #[certificate no.]". WTF? Here's the USPS Tracking Number: 70151520000135803139 (see for... Read more

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I too won a trip that required me to attend a 90 minute time share presentation. When I first got to the presentation everyone was my good buddy but afterwards, when I told them I wasn't interested in purchasing a package, they were not very happy with me and kept asking me why not - and I just kept saying that I just wasn't interested - that the only reason I was there was to collect my free trip. They kept me there for quite a while hoping to... Read more

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I recieved a call saying I had won a 4 day getaway to Las Vegas. The woman on the phone, who said her name was Paula, was nice as she went over everything I had apparently won. She started talking about two tickets to Cirque du Soleil, making it seem like those were also a part of the prize. Then I was asked how I'd like to pay for the tickets which were 289 dollars. I said I can't afford that, to which she literally laughed and said what do you... Read more

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