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Sat through a 3-hour timeshare to get this "certificate" from Casablanca Express (CE) on 6/17. Mailed certified receipt on 6/19. USPS shows CE picked it up on 6/20. Waited 90 DAYS with no contact or mailing from CE. Called on 9/21 to find out, according to the Customer Service agent, that "no certificate was ever received or registered under that #[certificate no.]". WTF? Here's the USPS Tracking Number: 70151520000135803139 (see for... Read more

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I too won a trip that required me to attend a 90 minute time share presentation. When I first got to the presentation everyone was my good buddy but afterwards, when I told them I wasn't interested in purchasing a package, they were not very happy with me and kept asking me why not - and I just kept saying that I just wasn't interested - that the only reason I was there was to collect my free trip. They kept me there for quite a while hoping to... Read more

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I recieved a call saying I had won a 4 day getaway to Las Vegas. The woman on the phone, who said her name was Paula, was nice as she went over everything I had apparently won. She started talking about two tickets to Cirque du Soleil, making it seem like those were also a part of the prize. Then I was asked how I'd like to pay for the tickets which were 289 dollars. I said I can't afford that, to which she literally laughed and said what do you... Read more

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We were told that after listening to presentation by company, that we could have a certificate to receive a free cruise and airline tickets to port of departure and only pay for service fees charged by airline and cruise ship. After listening to sales pitch, I realized that what they were doing is definitely unethical and borderline illegal - selling travel agent discounts to people who are not travel agents. (I used to own a travel agency and... Read more

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We were conned into a "FREE TRIP" to Hawaii - FREE AIR and TWO NIGHTS LODGING BY the Disney Resort Timeshares at Northstar, California. This is a complete scam. You must jump through multiple hoops...sending letters...sending a deposit.... trying to one answers...being told you did not read the fine print. Here is the deal... they will not give you the airfare or the hotel until 7 days prior to the trip... telling you they... Read more

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I spoke to a Linda in customer service .she was very helpful linda was able to accommodate me and waive the fee I didn't lose my trip happy customer. I look forward to my free trip. I WILL BE BACK write review on my free trip.thank you linda

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The time we spent at the presentation was a major headache. The guys were nice enough, although the hype and super loud music was a bit much to handle. What a bunch of hype. Once they realized we weren't signing up for their ridiculous program, we were shunned and made to sit and wait a very long time to get our "free" trip. We chose a place close to home in Newport, OR. Not only did they make it hard to reserve a spot, with long delays, but... Read more

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We received a 2 day promotional award to Hawaii in January. we called and asked if we could get the trip extended and if it would cost anything to extend the trip. we were told no additional costs (3 times we asked this question) and that the travel agent would explain in details. We went through all the various steps requested (deposit of $50/person, taxes of $75/person) and 3 dates. the travel agent told us that extension is an upgrade (in... Read more

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Casablanca is the worst I felt for the free nights stay... Since I couldn't attend the presentation to get the free gifts I was told that I could just stay with the 3 free nights and I was going to be refund 25.00 because the other 50.00 were going to be use for the deposit. I ended up paying 75.00 to Casablanca and 50.00 to the casino on top of the resort fee that the hotel charges. Very pissed

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As I sat to read the (Travel Certificate) aka Pick Your Vacation! brochure, I immediately began to have my doubts. I noticed all of the fees that were suppose to be refundable, and said "you may cancel your travel plans and receive a complete refund of your deposit(s) at any time prior to CBE purchasing your travel arrangements." However, the second to the last paragraph states "if you cancel your travel plans at any time this certificate will... Read more

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