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It's quite funny how you claim that you care about what goes wrong in your company but when a problem or a complaint is bought to your attention you don't call back or respond. I left a long voice mail regarding the unfair treatment I received by your so called Manger Jessica M (Personal Concierge) at 1-877-509-2510 ext 2944 and sale rep Shelly out of Las Vegas!

I express to you how I was treated by them. Shelly was very nice when she was booking my stay and taken my money of $230.00 but when I never received anything from her in the mail ( package) I called her in left a message two times which she never return my call. So I look at the only thing a received from casablanca was my receipt which it had this lady name Jessica M name and number on it, so I called her number had to leave a voice message for her as well still no return call, now I'm starting to get worried because I'm going to Las Vegas in Nov 2015. So now I calling this lady number again she finally answer the phone in stated that I wouldn't be getting any paperwork as promise by Shelly until about a month before my plan trip, which that was fine with me but wouldn't you think Shelly would know that sense she claim to be an employee for 8 years. Ok here's WHERES the BS comes in, so when Jessica went over the questions with me she tried to send me to offsite location for their tour which you have to find your own way there. I explained to her I was told by Shelly that my tour is on the 3rd floor at the Palaza Hotel which that's the hotel I will be staying at! she stated that Shelly shouldn't be telling customer that, once again bad information from Shelly so we going back and in fourth with this lady, when she finally stated that she would allowing me to go to the tour a the Palaza. I feel that this was just poor customer service, now get this after about a hour goes by I received another call from Jessica stating that she spoke to Shelly in was informed that I WILL be travel to Las Vegas with another party that will be also visiting there tour. I then informed her that the person that they are speaking of is a co work, NOT A FRIEND , A LOVER, A RELATIVE. But a co worker which I don't even know that well. I just over heard her talking about it our work lunch room. I ask her what you guys don't use referral ? HUH??? this how all these company work? she stated NO in that she will be cancel my tour. WHAT kind of stuff is this! I feel that this personal because she was upset that her employee provided me with wrong information in she didn't like it, what this dumb broad failed to realize was that I was going down to Vegas ready to purchase a timeshare but because they have a petty team of employee working for them they just lost my business, so I'm waiting for my FULL refund. As for the owner he is just like his employees he doesn't return calls either.( the old saying states a flock is a reflection of there leader) I wouldn't use this company at all. Word of mouth is everything for a company, so now at work I'm letting everyone know never to use this company. THEY ARE THE WORST !!! DON'T WALK RUN AWAY FROM THIS JIVE COMPANY !!!

For Mr Manger James If you are a man of your word you will reach out to me.... only time will tell what kind of person you are.



Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of misinforming practices. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of casablanca express las vegas vacation and associated monetary loss in the amount of $230. Casablanca Express needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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