I requested a3 day getaway last summer(2017) found out I couldn't do it until May of 2018. I paid the money requested of me in 2017 to make the arrangements. My information from you said I would receive my conformation and extra $$$ gift card a few of weeks out. When I...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer service
  • Give you the complete run around its not fair
  • Misinforming practices
So, we get a promo for time share presentation. The promo is tickets to universal and a one night stay in a hotel. You have to book ahead. All standard right? After we pay taxes and hold they finally send us to confirm only to find: A. Hotel is only included if we are...
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Casablanca Express - Couldn’t cancel

They offer you a free trip to later up sale you something that is the same price as Expedia buying through them it’s not worth it
My Husband and I attended the seminar and received a 3-day stay in Maui period after months and months and months I'm sending paperwork back and forth and not being told when our vacation would be booked. We finally 30 days before vacation received a letter finally...
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Casablanca Express - Aweful! Understatement

Please dont get sucked in to this scam as we did. Paid our deposit, taxes & fees & still can't book our 2 day trip without it expiring after they keep putting us off. Wasted money & won't receive our trip. Same with International Vacation Resorts. Avoid all! It's a scam!! 1 star is too generous. They never are available to call or return calls.
This customer representatives are so unprofessional no customer service skill as well as their manager Julio when I called to schedule my day for the hotel booking I spoke to Anthony he was rude and unprofessional didn’t like that I was asking him questions in regards...
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Attended a Timeshare presentation and was given a "free" vacation. Our choices included 3/4 day Vegas trip or 3, 4 or 7 day cruises. We chose a cruise and sent in our $50.00 deposit. Their brochure did mention that taxes and port fees would be our responsibility. Long...
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I was given a "Free" vacation package that I have not paid over $150 for without any guarantee that I am ever going to be able to take this trip. I have not been contacted since July of last year. I have left them several messages and they will not return my calls. I...
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I didn't like
  • Tried to do the bait and switch
  • Unprofessional staff
  • Did not get a hold of me before date
It was bad enough that, when we tried to book our "free nights stay" at our local casino hotel, there was a seven month wait. But it kept getting worse with customer service. Call after call, "free room" here and "free room" there, from Detroit to Las Vegas, they won't...
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Contact Casablanca Express

Mailing Address:
Casablanca ExpressPromotional Travel Servic
P.O. Box 4399 Casablanca Express 6300 Canoga Ave Suite 550 Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Woodland Hills, CA 91365-4399
(800) 315-2065
I upgraded the flight and room because I was traveling with my brother, daughter and grandson. Loved Sea World, didn't like the hotel, complained (got a refund). I loved the trip. People have to realize that NOTHING is ever free and enjoy the part that is. Time with my...
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I liked
  • Enjoyed the trip
  • Flexibility
  • Customer service
I didn't like
  • Poor customer service from a manager
  • Hotel room with the upgrade was less than expected