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I was called by Casablanca express..told it was not a time share offer and that the Riviera Hotel in Vegas had just remodeled and I was invited to a VIP tour to see the new rooms and stay in a suite for 3 nights..only had to attend a 90 minute presentation about how the Riviera got started and what it is today.

The woman called said it would cost $240.00..Well looked on the web site for the hotel, could stay in a room there for as little as $27.00 a night and a suite for $49.00 a night. After calling the guest services dept.

I found out she lied about the trip.. and what makes it would fall back on the Riviera as it would look like they switched out our room to a king room and look bad for the Hotel.

Monetary Loss: $249.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #724607

Please be smart and DO NOT give out personal or financial information about yourself before doing your homework. I am surprised to see so many people duped by yet another *** bag.

And pay for "taxes" up front. Seriously? This is the Nigerian 419 scam reincarnated.

And a "free" night stay at the Riviera is like a free night stay at the county jail. The place has been a dive for years. You'll have people turning tricks or selling *** in the rooms next to you.


How is this "too good to be true" when the caller jacked the prices up?? The offer was inflated so how does that rank as too good to be true?

Do you even understand what that phrase means? I am willing to bet.....

you don't! :p


what do they say about something looking to good to be fell for it hook line and sinker......who cares who it falls back on.....what a joke....dont be a gullible putz....put on the big boy pants and tell these folks to pound sand.....but....i am willing to bet you paid the money....didn't you

to LTCC #718191

I got a refund and reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

to Sandy Los Angeles, California, United States #739974

how were you able to get the refund.

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