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Casablanca approached us about a stay in Vegas as well as a Dinner Certificate. My husband bought 2 - 2 days stay at the Riviera as well as the Dinner.

I read the information on the certificate and called the number that was provided to figure out how to claim the certificate- I gave them my email address and recieved an email with the information on how to claim the stay. I mailed in my refundable deposit of $50.00 and waited for what was supposed to be an email, it ended up being a letter sent with the information to make your reservations- the reservations needed to be at least 30 days out. We decided on a date called and was told date was not availabe - not sure why it was a Sun and Monday the dates that they stated SUN-WED. Just complained to the BBB only because if someone had told me you need to call get an email send in money and then wait for a letter and we will tell you the available dates - that would have been better.

Most people can not just *** on a whim especially those who work hard.

If you can deal with the run around it might be worth the small investment but to be honest we found a great deal on line for a great hotel in Vegas with no drama.

Just though I would share the information. HOpe it helps.

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Watsonville, California, United States #593722

I got three days and two nights in san dieago then they told me my plane would leave SF at 9;58 BY WAY PHENIX TWO HOUR lay over back to san dieago no later then 11:58 so my first day was two min. long and would stay in a motel 6 40 min away from the air port and my flight return 9:00 am one day later what the *** CASABLANCA IS A SCAM ps.the got for 100$ those bastards

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